Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Trip Wild(life) Christmas Party 2012

I have the loveliest bunch of friends in the world. Why? Because look at us, aren't we adorable?

Last year's United Nations christmas party, pretty much proved that my friends like the idea of themed parties. After having decided on the theme "Office Supplies" for this year's party months in advance, a few of my friends (probably disgruntled by the limited costumes found in the office) decided on another party concept. Thus, the Trip Wild(life) party was born.

(Yes, someone brought those monkeys.)

Aside from dressing up in our best wildlife/survivor costumes, we had games and activities. One in particular made us run up and down the five floors of that house we stayed at, and down a spoonful of mayonnaise (or ampalaya/vinegar). Fun times.

Even crazier, me and Cheska (beside me) had to manage a cheer and a pyramid which resulted in the two of us carrying Vicky (yeah that dude also in the photo). Yeah, we (the group in the photo, Tribe IKLAVICHE) won all the contests.

Our share of couple costumes. Cartoons and crazy hair!

And now, the costumes: 

L-R from the first row: Rizza as a Survivor; Destiny's Child style; Tin looking tribal in her animal print and teased hair; Jassie, half of the tiger/leopard combo; Jayce as Daenerys Targaryen; Vizzie in her safari get-up; Ian in his feathered tribal headpiece; Kyle as Indiana Jones or some wilderness explorer; Chez as that dude from survivor and her Immunity Idol; Kla as Poison Ivy or something of that sort; Victor as Bogart the Explorer or Mr. Kim or both; Chiqui as the Tomb Raider; Zirk as a very confused zebra dressed as a bunny; Ben and Charm as Pebbles and Bam Bam; Yalie as a party animal (hahahaha); Shyanethe and Chris as Dora and Diego who are supposed to be cousins (haaaaa); me & Bri as girl/boy scouts; and the monkey Junjun, who won best in costume this year.

(Photos from Charm Tan, Rizza Garcia, and Kyle Uy)
Hello to our friends who couldn't make it. We miss you guys!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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