Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Nail stickers/Nail Patches Manicure

Would you believe that this manicure only took 10 minutes to do?

Say hello to nail stickers/nail patches! Now, I have done a nail tattoo tutorial before, but these type of stickers are way easier to put on. I found these particular ones in Metro Gaisano as the family was grocery shopping. They're a steal for PHP 49.75 per pack!

Nail stickers are, well, stickers. Stick 'em on and you're done. Here's how I did my manicure:

                1.  I looked for the sticker that fit my nail size best.
                2. Peel of the front and back of the sticker.
                3. Carefully place the sticker on your nail. Press outwards to avoid air bubbles.
                4. File off excesses.

Et voila! Instant manucure!

The pack says the stickers can stay on for 7 days.

Aren't these adorable? Yayyyy.

On another note, there have been less outfit posts this week as my DSLR, unfortunately, is in the shop being repaired. I will not go into details but I am hoping for its swift return to me. Will figure out how to use my father's camera in the meantime, hopefully I get more photos and outfits up soon.


  1. Super cute mani!!! They don't even look like stickers!! I'll definitely try it out!

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  2. dami nauuso sa girls ngayon hahah :) cute na nail art!

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    Much Love!

    1. Hi Jan! Thank you so much for visiting! On my way to your blog now. :)

  4. lovely nails :)
    like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? just let me know dear :)XO MP

    1. Already visited your blog and followed you! :)

  5. oh cute! i've been seeing these nail stickers everywhere. i really should give it a go!

    steph /


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