Thursday, December 20, 2012

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant, Kalaw

Last week, we were hungry and Anton was not making it easier as he kept on drawing food we wanted to eat on the Camille's Ipad.

So yeah, aside from the Chinese staples, he drew a crocodile. Do not be surprised, our family has a history of trying exotic food and there was actually an instance, once when we were in China, that we had crocs.

He really was not helping our growling tummies.

Good thing we decided to dine at Golden Fortune, a Chinese Seafood restaurant we'd visited a few times before. We ordered Seaweed with Century Egg and Fish Lip Soup for starters, and dimsum like Hakaw and Beancurd Roll. 

The Salted Fish Fried Rice was served with Oysters in XO Sauce, Pork in Orange Sauce, and Suahe-- and they have the most delicious Suahe, fresh and cooked beautifully. The oysters were okay, though I still prefer having this dish at Mandarin Sky and the Pork in Orange sauce was something I barely touched because (1.) I hate sweet ulam and (2.) I don't like orange in places other than my juice or fruits.

They had sharks too, but that's for another day.

I have been a lazy little writer of late so forgive this short, photo riddled post. More later, I promise!


  1. Aw, unfortunately I'm allergic to seafood. :3 Anyway, merry Christmas to you and your family!

    xx Daphne of

    1. That's too bad, Daphne! Merry Christmas to yours, too! :)

  2. Seems like all chinese foods aRE exotic.. lol.. but really looks yummy.. you make me hungry especially by looking just in the shrimp.. lol

    1. Trust me, Jeniffer. It is very good shrimp! :)


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