Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lazy days in Chucks

On a Monday, I wore this lazy get up and I loved every minute of it.
 (Yep, even my hair looks lazy)

First off, I would like to apologise for the quality of the photo. As mentioned before, my camera is in the shop and I still haven't gotten it back. These days I use my father's camera (which can be a chore since I really don't know how to work the thing, though nice the camera might be) or my point and shoot. These photos were taken hastily (by Ryan on the point and shoot, thank you!) as class ended and we made our way to our cars. We were sort of in a rush as we had other (more important) things to do later on in the day.

As you can see, I have been revelling in the fact that there have not been any planned look shots lately so my outfits have been more relaxed lately-- been putting on my laziest, comfiest clothes. I feel guilty that I enjoy this outfit too much.

Before you judge me and my dress code violation, know that I got away with shorts in school today because my only class was in the area of the school where the dress code does not apply (hah! loophole!!). That room, which doubles as a freezer because of the unbelievably cold air-con, was the perfect excuse to bring out this knit sweater I've been dying to wear since forever.

Knit jacket from Taiwan; Ensembles top; DIY shorts; Chuck Taylors; Roxy Bag; Mossimo frames 

On another note, say hello to Ryan and his new baby. Gone are the days of our short, sweet, "intellectual" talks in that short car ride from the building to the gate because we're gonna be in a convoy now! Haha!


  1. cool and easy outfit..good for doing lot of errands.. :)

  2. I actually love how your binder matches your top. Haha.

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