Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Flats Vs. Heels

Wore this out to one of those lazy days while on holiday break.

On that particular day, I couldn't decide between flats or shoes and I ended up with two looks for the same outfit. 

With flats:

and with heels:

Robinsons bandage skirt; Kisses and Co cover up, my sister's; 
Primadonna heels; Jelly Nelly Flat sandals

Phots by Jani who also gave me the cutest accessories for Christmas.

That dude (necklace) on the far rightmost is Mr. PoseMan from Kartwheel Creations. He is called 'PoseMan' for a reason.

 Here he is doing the 'blogger pose'.

The Verdict:

Without much effort, shoes can change the whole feel of your look. Heels definitely elongate your legs which makes them a great pair for skirts. Flats, on the other hand, give out that casual laid back look I love so much. I resolve this dilemma by deciding that the next time I wear this ensemble, it will be for a day to night affair-- that way both are given justice.

Anyway, today is Christmas and I'm still babbling about shoes. (Hohoho!) Happy Christmas, everybody! 


  1. We carry pose man necklaces during our bazaars. i love how customers play with kartwheel's necklaces. :) i've never seen them do a fashion blogger pose 'til now! Made me laugh! :) so cute!!! :)

    1. They are adorable, aren't they? Hahah!


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