Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Parker's 5th Technology

Parker introduces the 5th technology, an innovation in writing.

A while back, I visited a museum. In those walls filled with curated pieces of history, I found a series of letters from Dr. Jose Rizal. He and a friend had a correspondence in form of beautiful hand written letters. My heart skipped a beat.

Ive always been delighted by the idea of writing. Sure technology does the job and does it more conveniently, but I've always found romantic the notion of pouring each letter out on paper and feeling each stroke, each dot. One too many times I've played with the thought of having a pen pal. 

(a close up of the new Parker 5th Technology pen)

Because of technology, however, writing has been in decline. I cannot even remember the last time I saw a hand written letter sent through the mail.

As with the improvement of technology, Parker pens, legendary for their quality and their history of fine pens and innovations, has created new technology that will reinvent the pen. Parker has, yet again, come up with a pen that allows writing to become not just a task, but an experience.

Parker introduces the 5th technology (so named because it is the latest in pen design, the first four being  the fountain pen, the ball point pen, the roller ball, and the mechanical  pencil). A collection of beautiful pens that do not only offer you quality but also simple elegance.

I paid a visit to the Parker exhibit in EDSA Shangri-la to  see what Parker has to offer.

The 5th Technology pen "adjusts to your personal writing style after writing just a few words", I am told. New additions also include an easier refill, longer cap off time, and less smudgy ink, among other things.

Yes, writing with this pen is wonderful. It's smooth and it definitely glides on paper. This pen looks an sophisticated as the fountain pen, though with better control. "Maganda simulat" (Writes great), I must say. All you obsessive compulsive pen users out there, you know what I mean when I say that.

More than a beautiful pen, I've always thought of Parkers as a sign for something greater. It's not just a pen, but something that symbolises that you've reached a certain point in your life where in what you write actually matters to merit such a gorgeous writing instrument.

My mother had gifted my father, who is now a lawyer, his Parker pen when he was to take his bar exams. Maybe it's just me, but one day, I also wish to conquer a momentous point in my life, with a Parker pen in hand.

Maybe it's coming soon, after all, I just got my first Parker.


  1. such an awesome pen. how i wish someone will give me parker 5 pen. anyhow, i want the head shots too. everything's cool.:)

    1. They are awesome! You should put it in your christmas wish list, or a gift to yourself. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Rizza! The 5th Technology pen is priced at around PHP 8,500.

  3. you think meron pa ngaun? and where? want to gift it to someone special to me


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