Saturday, December 8, 2012

In the Imperial Ice Bar

What person in their right mind would take look shots inside a freezing ice bar? The answer? Me. 

Visited the Imperial Ice Bar a few days ago with friends and lived my dream of donning heavy coats. As I have mentioned so many times before in this blog, I ache because the weather in this country refuses to cooperate with my need to wear coats.

I am posting this because it felt so nice to traipse around, finally, in a coat, even if my toes almost froze off. (Yes,  know that this isn't a proper outfit post, and I do promise to post a better look with this dress in the future).

In the next photo, I am struggling to stay on a throne made entirely out of ice. All this after I fell on my butt trying to get on it. A great feat, I tell you-- only Brian totally threw this achievement out of the window when he decided to climb on the throne himself without any difficulty and snap a cool photo. Curse my clumsy awkward ways!

And now we have a short series of what I call "couples photos in the cold".

This is Shy and her boyfriend Chris. Chris helped me with the camera and took most of  the ice bar photos. Thanks, Chris! (Thanks to Brian and whoever shot the other photos, too!)

Me, Shy, and JC realizing the usefulness of these Russian Hats. Shy wanted to keep hers on even after leaving the ice bar.

Candid photo which captures me in this cold weather ensemble I wish to live in forever!

All this smiling and posing was done in -5 Celsius room.
 Will also be posting more on the Imperial Ice Bar here and on WhenInManila soon so stay tuned!


  1. awesome place. they have nice fur coats ah. cool writing too.:)

    1. Yep! It's a really cool place! I <3 their coats! Thanks so much. :)


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