Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dog on the road!

On a road trip to meet with family in this holiday season and I opted for something nice but comfy. And oh, say hi to Choo the dog who came along with us.

When we were little, we used to go on long drives every weekend. This is why the family is no stranger to prolonged periods of time inside a very small, closed environment. Being the bored kids we were, my dad would always tell us amusing tales of travel and adventure (and a particular hero named Onyok). And then, we'd sing until our throats were sore. Also why I know the Ateneo de Naga theme song by heart (yes, our father who went there taught us the song on one particularly uneventful drive). 

These days, we only go out of town for vacations and holidays. Us kids, to keep busy on the road, just eat and sleep now. This year we had Choo to entertain us in the car. 

These were taken at our lunch stopover.

Grendha Luna Sandals; Gifted shawl from my good friend Kyle;
 Shopwise skirt; Fly Shades; Bedazzle eye necklace

Photos by Tatay on the newly fixed D80.

The trip was fun and all but I kept on missing the chihuahuas we left at home. We should've brought them along too-- and yes, that can be done. I know because we've done it. Nothing like a 4 hour drive with 5 dogs with you in the backseat.


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    1. Literally looking through rose coloured glasses! Hehe!

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    1. Thanks, Andrew! I got them cheap lang from Fly Shades! :)


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