Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Asian Flair

Tonight I went to the Rajo x Parisian| Milanos show courtesy of Parisian Shoes. (More on that here

At the last minute, I got confirmation on the Rajo show and I was thrilled. I love Parisian and I loved the last Rajo/Parisian collaboration. But then came the problem of what to wear. The event's theme was Asian Flair.

And so I spent the whole of last night rummaging through my closet, looking for something decent to wear. After hours and hours of trying and giving up at least twice before, I finally found my costume for the night. Extra effort exerted on my hair, it's not everyday I get to dress up like an asian.. oh wait.... (I kid!)

Vintage shirt; Celine Kimono jacket; Vittorio Obi; 
SM skirt; Parisian pumps; Therapy, Pop Culture necklace; Gifted ring

Photos from Alranz.

What do you think?  More on the Rajo x Parisian Show soon, stay tuned!

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