Sunday, September 2, 2012

Teriyaki Boy, Blue Wave

Next to The Phantom of the Opera, the most pleasant surprise of last week  would be the meal we had at Teriyaki Boy.

Teriyaki Boy's Crunchy Salmon Salad

Believe it or not, we never eat at Teriyaki Boy. This was because of a not so great experience years back at the then newly opened franchise in the south. It's been a long while since, and its proximity to CCP (yes, this was the meal I had the night I watched Phantom) prompted us to try their food again.  I must say, we were all wonderfully surprised.

Tea was served. 

And then, the Crunchy Salmon Salad (PHP 139) was served.  This salad is delightful! I cannot stress that enough. I even tried to eat all the fish roe that was left behind after we finished the salad– that good.

Ofcourse, in a Japanese restaurant, there's always the Ebi Tempura (PHP 287 for 5 pieces) order. Funny story: I didn't use to eat Tempura with rice (because I didn't think they'd go well together) before the boy urged me to try. (Now, I down large quantities of shrimp and rice like there's no tomorrow.)

Then we have the Cream Dory Tempura (PHP 139) which was a bargain for its price. I even liked this more than the Shrimp Tempura (shockingly).

The Teriyaki Boy Chicken (PHP 214) was surprisingly something I liked. I do not like sweet viands so as a rule I stay away from anything that has "teriyaki" on it but I think I'll make this an exception.

The last dish, Pork Shogayaki (PHP 186).

Eaten with Yakimeshi (PHP 54) or Japanese fried rice. I absolutely love this stuff!

And there you go, happy tummies. I think that this just goes to show that everyone/everything deserves a second chance. (Naks)

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