Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"...Sunday always comes too late"

Rainy day out with the family and I didn't want my feet wet hence the sneakers.

 I am such a sloppy dresser. If you only knew how much time and effort it takes me to put together an attire. This blog, however, has been helping me look more put together. I've learned that comfort does not always equate to sweatpants.

DIY Harness necklace; ROXY watch; Gifted Ring; 
Bandage skirt from SM; Converse Chucks; Bazaar top; Plaid polo from the States

Thank you, Camille, for the photos.

And so, the rain, it poured but my feet stayed dry.

Nothing more to say, but tons to do tonight. I hope you all have a productive week ahead.

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