Monday, September 17, 2012

Ganso Shabuway, Greenbelt 5

Japanese hotpot at Ganso-Shabuway.
Last week, we were invited to try Ganso-Shabuway, a Japanese style hotpot restaurant in Greenbelt 5.

Usual Japanese food staples include sushi and sashimi, but Ganso-Shabuway gives you a different twist on this cuisine. They offer shabu-shabu, which literally translated means "swish swish" pertaining to the movement and sound of how you cook the meat in the hotpot.

Ganso-Shabuway promises diners premium quality meat and ingredients that would make for a great, simple, meal.

Ganso-Shabuway in Greenbelt 5.

The hotpot is divided into two broths, the Traditional Seaweed broth and the Spicy Miso broth, a personal preference. 

Part of their seasonal menu offers USDA Choice beef. This is a serving for two.

Their mushroom and veggie platter to be cooked in the broth makes for divine soup.

Ans also part of their seasonal menu, the Wagyu beef.
 Ganso-Shabuway also boasts of more affordable prices for their premium beef.

Our meal at Ganso-Shabuway is an adventure unto itself. The experience is definitely something I would want to do again.

And here's how the food travelled from table to my watering mouth:

A piece of Wagyu beef from the plate,

..dipped in the traditional seaweed broth, a little bland compared to the Spicy Miso. This is done so that the meat's flavor is not overwhelmed by the broth's.

Let  it cook.

And dip in their homemade sauces. There is a choice between the Ponzu sauce, which is a little sour, and the sesame sauce, pictured above.

And there you go, a whole meal and a brand new experience. 

Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center 
Makati, Philippines

Power Plant Mall Rockwell Center
Makati, Philippines

Alabang Town Center
Muntinpula, Philippines


  1. Oh my gosh! Temptation! And to think, this is so near my office. :|

    1. You should go try it! Tell me how it goes for you. :)


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