Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Because I've been crying in front of the computer screen again.

Sometimes I read something and I hurt– genuine, excruciating, exquisite pain. I stare at the screen/book/letter/notebook and feel the tears fall, hot and heavy. I sit and think, I savour every moment.  Those sharp words that jab through my heart– temporary madness, temporary hurt.

I read about love and love in the time of cholera. Of exotic, beautiful men and awkward ones with golden mongoose saviours. Of lightness of being and being infinite. I've read about secrets and (little) princes and (non sparkly) vampires. Of people deciding to die. Of life and the end of it, and the progression of living through loss and death.

And I weep for all of them.

These things I will never know or touch and I feel for all of them.

And this is why I read, this is why I write.


  1. I love reading this sort of stuff! :D and I do believe of much of my motivation to write comes from the desire of making stories as good as the ones i've read as well :)


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