Thursday, September 13, 2012

Printed Collars

Lovely days are made by spending it with lovely people– and today was pretty awesome.
 (Yeah, I'm in a good mood)

I've been spending time with old friends and it's amazing how everything is so surprisingly different, yet familiar. People have grown and time has cultivated change, and yet, there is still that bond. I am so lucky to be blessed with these great people as my friends, I only hope that you are fortunate enough to have found someone like them in your life. I can choose to go on, but I think this topic deserves a separate post. 


On another note, I've been raiding my mother's closet and coming up with outfits which include stuff from her wardrobe: this top from a previous post, and this colorful collared shirt in today's photos. I am in love with these old clothes, I find it amusing that once upon a time, my mom wore these pieces, too.

DIY earcuff; vintage shirt; SM pants and belt; Primadonna shoes

Special thanks to the boy, Brian, who took time and effort to shoot these photos. 
You are wonderful, love. 

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