Sunday, September 2, 2012

Office clothes

And so we find ourselves in school on another Saturday.

That just means dealing with the dress code again. Honestly, I do not know what the exact rules are so I  usually stick to jeans. I've been feeling lazy to wear tight jeans lately though and I had to dissuade myself from wearing sweat pants to school extra today. So, the compromise (yes, this blog has really been helping and inspiring me appear in more presentable outfits) ended with me wearing these hand-me-down slacks from my mom. Comfy but responsible at the same time. Talk about wearing office clothes in a casual way.

DIY double stacked beaded necklace; Feathered necklace w/ pendant from Bedazzle Accessories
Vintage Slacks; Bazaar find top; Steve Madden Sandals; gifted bolero; ROXY watch

I must go before I remember that I am an advocate of individuality and start ranting about the dress code. (So many things to do and projects to start next week. I am excited!)

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