Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strangers again.

Sometimes you look at people you've known your whole life and realize they're strangers. As if the ground has shifted, as if some part of the cosmic equation is missing: the pieces do not fit.

It seems to me, such a sad phenomenon, this business of drifting apart. How and why do we just let go of those we've fallen in love with– friends and lovers alike? Is it because of time? Circumstance? or maybe growth apart? Whatever it is, this whole matter on the (intercontinental) drift (theory) found in friendship is never gratifying. I find that the saddest meetings are those of chance between old friends who've forgotten what bond was once there.

But then, who could blame them? The world is too fast to keep up with old flames and comrades. There is much to say and much to do; so much so that others are left free falling through the cracks of the grand scheme we call our lives. Loss occurs until there is nothing left but regret.

Which makes it a more precious thing when love remains and friendships are untouched. Time and distance are foes in this game. Ever present, but not impossible to beat.

Be thankful for the people you have in your life. No man is an island, and even Forest Gump had Wilson.

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