Monday, September 24, 2012

Save the Laguna Pitbulls! (a Teaser Video)

A while back, I wrote about the Laguna Pitbulls and our experience in the rehabilitation site. My team and I are in the process of creating a documentary on this issue. Here is a teaser video:

I really hope that this project brings awareness to the plight of not only these dogs, but all the dogs in the country. I believe that the Laguna Pitbull situation mirror exactly our country's issues with animal welfare.

I am disappointed with how most Filipinos treat their pet dogs and how they look at dog ownership in general. A dog is the most loving and loyal companion you could ever have in your life and it's only right we treat them with much care, respect, and love. This all starts in our own homes.

And, if you have more love to go around, here's how you could help the Laguna pit bulls:

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