Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Relax, just do it"

Surprise! No blue wall today!

We spent parts of that day on the road en route to the province for my Lolo's birthday. And, well, I finally succumbed to wearing the comfiest pair of pants I owned (oh, you've read about how I've been aching to wear sweat pants!). Honestly, I think that this no frills outfit is more me than any other ensemble I've thrown on. And man, was I ever so comfy. I could live forever in these pants (but then again, I said that about elephant pants once upon a time so no).

Hello Lulu hot pink camera bag; Hat from D'Mall, Boracay; Borrowed beaded necklace;
 Shopwise supermarket shirt and sweat pants; Jelly Nelly sandals; ROXY watch;
Shades from Forever 21

First photo courtesy of Camille, and the rest from my father

We shot this during our stop at one of the gas stations along SCTEX. Of course, my father had
 to shoot his Land Cruiser, too (another one of the things he likes).

Whatchuthink of this look? Let me know!

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