Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hanayo Korean Restaurant, Katipunan

Hanayo's Bibimbap, double.
We usually spend the end of the weekend driving my brother and sister to their dorms. Last weekend, in between that drivem we decided to have dinner in Katipunan. My brother pointed us in the direction of Hanayo for Korean food.

On a Sunday night, the place (frequented by students, I was told) was empty. We had the place to ourselves. It wasn't until we started eating that a few other groups of people came in.

Of course, as in every Korean restaurant, we were served kimchi. There was also soup that tasted like the korean version of bulalo.

At our normal Korean place, we don't usually order rice dishes. We decided to try something different this time.

Bibimbap Double (PHP 255) was good, and very heavy. This bowl is intended to be served to two people, they also offer single servings.

This is called the Haemul Jeon (PHP 145). What we first thought was an egg omelette is actually a seafood and vegetable pie. My first time to try it and I liked it!

Camille ordered the Katsudon (PHP 125) which I had a bite of. Not really a fan of it, but my sister likes it. To each his own, yeah?

The Yangneom Dak (PHP 115) is a pleasant surprise. Something reminiscent of Bon Chon chicken, but also a little different.

And now, we're off to desert!

Hanayo has a buy 5 for PHP 150 offer on their ice cream. Having heard of the reputation of Korean ice cream, I picked out my own (without knowing what it was I picked). The lady told me I got a watermelon flavored popsicle but honestly i just picked it out because I thought the wrapper looked prettier.

This is a chocolate covered popsicle with vanilla ice cream (?) and a strawberry filling. 
(2nd from the left in the photo above)

My watermelon popsicle with "seeds"! Cute, right?
(3rd from the left in the photo above)

And the green tea popsie my brother and sister loved so much.
(the 1st, 4th & 5th popsicle in the photo above)

I was told that the ran out of Melona so I have still yet to try that. Wondering how it could be different from these interesting popsicles.


  1. Where did you buy the watermelon popsicle from?

  2. Do you have a spicy fish cake Tteokbokki or Ddeokbokki?If yes, how much is it?


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