Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rajo! for Parisian Launch

Thanks to Parisian, I got to go to the Rajo x Parisian launch!

 The exclusive event was held yesterday at the SMX Convention Center. In the middle of the excited chatter, drums sounded signalling the beginning of the program. And then, the wall opened up to expose another space where the show was to be held. People rushed in, everyone was taken in by the presentation.

 In fashion designer Rajo Laurel's second collaboration with Parisian, he creates a shoe line for men and women inspired by Asian culture, leaning to Japanese sensibilities.

And the show commenced. It was a spectacular performance!

At the end of the show, another wall opened up to reveal a display of the new shoe collection.

And then of course, there were the models– including this one who sort of looked like a hot gentleman.

Rajo's beautiful muses with the most exquisite costumes. (Yeah at this point I wasn't feeling to good about my mini obi when they were wearing those big beautiful things. Inggitera.)

The shoes, those gorgeous things!

The three people who showed me, even more than the models did, that my Asian Flair themed outfit attempt was futile compared to theirs.

And the beautiful Miss Divine Lee who is still as gorgeous and approachable as ever!

Believe it or not, this is the first fashion show I have ever attended. It was a lovely night, and though I found myself running after the waiters with the food more often than I'd like to admit, It must be said that I really did enjoy the event. Who would have thought, yeah? 

Here's to first times and new beginnings!

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