Friday, September 28, 2012

Responsible Casual

I present to you the other day's responsible/casual look.

It's been a crazy few weeks of running around doing shoots, interviews and writing. Honestly, I have no idea how were cramming everything in this small amount of time (and still have time for outfit shots!), but I am very happy about the progress of our projects.

Hopefully, all these things come into fruition. 

There comes a point in all efforts, however, when exhaustion catches up. What do you do then?
 P U S H !
(and you also grab the first thing you find in your closet after waking up late, which in this case, coincidentally, is a shirt I also wore last week.)

Ensembles Polo; Bny Jeans from SM; Grenda Shoes; Roxy bag and watch;
 Forever 21 shades; Pop Culture, Therapy necklace

Thank you Jani for the photos.

Alranz and I rushed to Makati today for an interview hence the proper looking outfits. Alranz, who usually takes my photos and directs my every action on cam (because I have awkward body parts), takes time to pose today.


  1. Love the bag! I haven't seen that style yet here in SG. Hope they have it in brown too. =)

    1. I didn't see a brown one when I got it. Let's cross our fingers!


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